Darlington Shredding Co., Inc. is committed to excellence and being a leader in the scrap metal recycling industry by providing ethical, safe, and competitive recycling services to the Carolinas.

Since 1969, Darlington Shredding Co., Inc. has provided scrap metal recycling to the Carolinas. Based out of Darlington, SC, we serve the PEE DEE, Coastal, Midlands, and Piedmont regions of South Carolina as well as the Central and Southeast regions of North Carolina. We recycle numerous types of metal, focusing primarily on automobiles, appliances, and other shreddable ferrous, or iron-based, metals. We also offer competitive pricing on structural steel, heavy equipment, and non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, and aluminum.

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Our main operation, Darlington Shredding, is located in Darlington, SC directly beside NUCOR STEEL. We also have recycling centers in Florence and Elgin, SC to better serve the public. Be sure to check out our roll-off container business, S&P Container Service, LLC., for onsite disposal.
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Committed to impacting the environment and community

Darlington Shredding Co., Inc. is committed to being a leader in the scrap metal industry through safe and responsible operations.

We understand the far reaching economic and environmental impact recycling has on our region and communities. Just imagine the natural resources that would be adversely affected by the absence of scrap metal recycling. Not only would there be a tremendous amount of automobiles, refrigerators and appliances, and other reusable metals like farm equipment and structural steel  left abandoned or put in a landfill; new metal product manufacturers, such as Nucor and Alcoa, would be forced to consume far greater amounts of natural resources like iron ore, copper, and, aluminum. Also, melting scrap metals requires far less energy than the production of new metal products from natural resources.

Over the past five years Darlington Shredding Co., Inc. has recycled over 1.9 billion pounds of scrap metal; supplying raw material to manufacturers and reducing the consumption natural resources, energy, and landfill space. We are proud of the contribution our company, our team members, and our industry are making to the communities in which we live.

Quality Metal Products & Steel Distribution

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For all of your construction jobs or “weekend” hobbies, be sure to visit our Steel Distributor company, DSI Metals, Inc.
DSI Metals, Inc. provides quality metal products at a competitive price with on time delivery.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cut to length sawing
  • Plasma cutting
  • Sheet & plate shearing
  • Plate punching, drilling, counter sink and tapping
  • Rebar fabrication
  • Structural shearing
  • Beam drill
  • Press break
  • Stud welding
  • Primer painting and sandblasting

No order is too small. From big construction jobs to smaller projects, DSI, Metals, Inc. customizes products and services on demand.  At DSI Metals, Inc, the team is ready to provide the service that is right for you and your business.

Contact DSI Metals,Inc. today!

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Recycling reduces the need to build landfills and reduces pollution caused from the processing of raw materials.

Economically, recyclables have value.  The recyclables you place in bins end up as commodities that are bought and sold.  A study by the Department of Commerce in 2014 showed the recycling industry has a $13 billion economic impact!

We challenge you to do your part and recycle more- it boosts our economy!

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We are fully insured and a member of the South Carolina Recyclers Association.